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Live news columns

  • 《The midnight news》(Air time:Every day0:00)
  • 《Global contacted》(Air time:Every Tuesday to Saturday0:35)
  • 《News live broadcast》(Air time:)
  • 《Excerpt》(Air time:Every day6:00)
  • 《The news30Points》(Air time:Every day12:00)
  • 《The rule of law online》(Air time:Monday to Saturday12:35)
  • 《Common concerns》(Air time:Every day18:00)
  • 《The news broadcast》(Air time:Every day19:00)
  • 《Oriental horizon》(Air time:Every day20:00)
  • 《When the international news》(Air time:Every Monday to Friday22:00)
  • 《24Hours》(Air time:Every day23:00)

News features

  • 《Focus on the interview》(Air time:Every day19:40)
  • 《News survey》(Air time:Every Saturday21:30)
  • 《The weekly news magazine》(Air time:Every Saturday22:15)
  • 《Weekly quality report》(Air time:Every Sunday12:30)
  • 《The world magazine》(Air time:Every Sunday22:15)

Commentary program

  • 《The news1+1》(Air time:Every Monday to Friday21:30)
  • 《Face to face》(Air time:Every Sunday21:30)
  • 《Global vision》(Air time:Every Monday to Friday22:30)

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